[Off Topic] PS4 Remote Play for Android Error 88001003

Sony just released the Playstation 4 Remote Play app for any Android phone.. However, if you’re rooted like me, launching the app will give you the error 88001003. There’s no official documentation to what this error means, but many root users, like myself, have figured out what this error is and resolving it is fairly easy.

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Editing with DxO Photolab - Moon Rise Over a Lake

I wanted to create more YouTube content. Among that content is how to edit with DxO Photolab. There are a ton of tutorials for using Adobe Lightroom, but not many using DxO’s software. I want to help change that and grow my skills in building an online presence. Above is the photo which I discuss how to edit in DxO Photolab. Below is the video taking you step by step through my process.

I won’t recreate the steps I went through in the video. However, I do want to stress that this video does show how much can be done with a RAW file. The unedited photo, shown in the beginning of the video, shows an almost black image in which just the moon is visible. I boosted the shadows, some exposure, and used some local adjustments to restore details in the clouds and water.

How to Get Google Adsense to Work on Squarespace

If you’ve tried to add Google Adsense ads to your Squarespace site and hit a roadblock because Google asks you to upload ads.txt to the root level of your site, I found a solution. By uploading the file to your Squarespace site and using the file’s web address, you can trick Google into thinking the file is at the root level with a URL redirect. Keep reading for the steps.

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